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A graphical representation of the CWS - V.1

The Configurable Workflow System, one of the key components of the IBP, will provide a one-stop-shop for running most, if not all, aspects of a breeding program:

  1. full data management capabilities
  2. automatic (and manual) data quality control
  3. comprehensive analytical toolboxes (mostly R based)
  4. state-of-the-art decision support tools
  5. state-of-the-art simulation tools
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A Gliffy Diagram named: CWS

This Configurable Workflow System will be implemented through the Integrated Breeding Workbench - a next generation breeder's data management and analysis workbench. This workbench is being written in a platform independent language and is being designed from the ground up.

     This workbench will be

  • based on unified, user-friendly, graphical will use state-of-the-art software technologies to provide a fluid, fast, experience so that user can focus on the data not the formats or software architecture
  • fully configurable (crop, traits, design, analyses, etc.)... it will allow the user to define specific workflows and analyse data using varying sets of parameters to test hypotheses in different ways
  • expandable, with a plug-in-based architecture... indeed, technology changes in the next five years require that this platform evolve just as rapidly
  • deployed with full user support...  this will include instant access to help screens and documentation of tools and algorithms, as well as an e-Learning platform for up-to-date instruction
  • have web-based and virtual appliance versions... virtual appliances can be run from a DVD or flash drive on any operating system and will have exactly the same interface as the web application - this will provide two-click solutions to breeders with poor or no internet connections


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