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Activity 2.2.1 Tool 1.2 Backup

The Workbench will have an administration section where project users can request a backup of the local project IBDB, and a restore if they have the right privileges. This will use the standard MySQL backup facilities and result in a zipped backup file which could be stored safely. A common use of this feature will be for new users to re-set their database if they make data management mistakes, and for training we use it to set the local environment to a standard state for each lesson.

We identify a workbench user who is a manager (administrator) of each project this user should be assigned USERS.UACCESS=100 according to the table in the wiki:

The access level of subsequent users should be controlled by this user. At the moment we simply give them all 100, and in the end that may be all that is needed, but there is a list there of restrictions. Basically users with UACCESS 90 or more should be able to restore a backup (thereby overwriting an existing version) wheras those with access below 90 should not. Anyone should be able to make a backup. I think if you implement this rule even though we don't ask the administrator to set the UACCESS level yet we could set it manually in the few cases we see where it might be important. On the other hand to play it save we could automatically assign the administrator (manager) with UACCESS 100, and all subsequent users with UACCESS 80.

See notes on the Upload tool also.

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