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Activity 3.2.1

Planning Breeding Projects

Putting together a sound plant breeding programme is not a trivial undertaking; on the contrary, it demands knowledge and understanding of a combination of disciplines including genetics, physiology, agronomy, statistics, pathology, entomology, economics and others. In addition, a modern breeder may be willing to take advantage of technologies, such as molecular markers, to increase the efficiency of his/her programme and speed up its progress. This blend of expertise is scarce not only in developing countries for which the GCP works but quite often in the public sector at large. Because of this, this activity aims to rely to the extent possible on managers and researchers with experience in the private sector.

The MBP through its different components, but specifically through the services of Component 3, will assist plant breeders to design and implement a sensible breeding programme, wisely incorporating modern technologies. This activity will consist of two main sub-activities: 1) one that will assist in the design of suitable breeding pathways and workflows, adapted from known breeding schemes for a particular crop and trait and 2) another sub-activity will provide data and information on cost-benefit analysis for the selected approach either on itself or by comparison with the conventional option.

Molecular Breeding Workflows

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