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Application 2.2.1. Tool 2.10 Migration

1. Manual process of migration

2. Proposed Migration Tool


IBDB v1 database (in MS Access or MySQL)


IBDB v2 database


  1. User will specify the crop
  2. User will specify the location of the database (if MS Access, the path. If mySQL, the database name)
  3. A new IBDB v2 will be created in the location where IBWS installs the database
  4. GMS and GDMS records will be transferred from source to destination
  5. DMS records will be migrated from the source to the destination database following the mapping of the tables from IBDB v1 to IBDB v2
  6. A report will be generated about number of records migrated from the source and records with problem in the migration
  7. Ontology records will be migrated from Trait, Scale and Methods table of the source to the cvterm, cvterm_relationship, cvtermsynonym
  8. If source is local MS Access database, ask user for project name. Create the project in the Workbench associated to the newly created IBDB v2 local database with appropriate crop. Add all necessary records in the INSTLN and USERS tables
  9. If source is local IBDBv1, point the project database to the newly created IBDB v2 database

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