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Application 2.2.3 Tool 5.3 IB Fieldbook

The Integrated Breeding Field Book (IBFB)

This is the module which allows the user to design evaluation trials, produce field books, field plans, labels, capture and verify evaluation data and load that data into data sets within studies in preparation for integration, analysis, interpretation and decision making (4 in the Figure below).
The process starts by selecting and opening a Trial Template. (The creation and management of Trial Templates is handled by one of the IBWB configuration tools). Many aspects of the data set are prescribed by the template, and this in turn determines the functionality of the IBFB module. The next step in field book production is to specify levels of trial conditions and design factors including selecting and importing one or more germplasm lists which specify all the entries in the trial. Finally a lay-out file which specifies the experimental design for the dataset must be generated or imported. These three elements, the template, the design levels and the lay-out are merged to produce the fieldbook with possible outputs being a field plan, a treatment key, plot and treatment labels and data collection sheets (as spreadsheets, hand-held data collectors or paper forms).
Levels of the design factors must be specified through the IBFB when the Field Book is being produced. Note however that labels of these design factors may be provided later during study implementation. For example it must be known at design time that a trial will have n entries, but the identification of some of those entries may only be provided at planting (eg local checks), similarly the number of trial instances or occurances must be known at design time, but the specific site ID and name may only be supplied later.

Figure: Workflow for the IB Field Book (4) and its relationship to other Modules of the IB WorkBench (1,2,3)

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