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Application 2.2.3 Tool 5.3 IBFB Feedback Alpha 1.0

Comments on IBFieldBook Prototype 1.008/01/11
1. As discussed, the New Study window should not lead directly into the Trial Fieldbook Wizard since,
in general, users will want to do other things that just make trials. It needs activate a new
menu with various options amonfgst which is the trial fieldbook wizard.
2. Please link labels with scales DBID and DBCV which have the same Property and fill both at the
same time.
3. Please implement the Other Treatment Factor interface.
a) If there are no otehr treatment factors dont even include it in the workflow.
b) If there are other treatment factors we have agreed that their scales will be
NUMBER or NESTED NUMBER so you only need to ask for the number of levels.
c) If there are lables of any of the other treatment factors you need to ask for levels by
table filing for each factor seperately.
4. The assignment of germplasm labels according to the table in Step 6 of IBFB-WorkFlowNo5.Doc
is not working. With template IBFB4-MET Template with Labels and germplasm list IBFB3-13sawyt.XLS
I only get GID assocoated whereas ther is Designation and EntryCD. One problem may be that the
matching should be case insensitive.
5. Can we try and implement the three design options I mocked up in IBFB-WorkFlowNo5.Doc.
6. When you finish you are left in the Welcome to the IBWorkbench Prototype screen instead of
in the Trial Editor.
7. We need to discuss how to develop the measurements table and then how to export it to a CSV file.
I do hope we can get these done on Monday and Tuesday as I believe they need to be covered before we show the prototype in San Diego.
Some help text for the Prototype. This could either be placed on the Welcome to the IBWorkbench Prototype screen or behind a Help Menu.
Welcome to the IB Workbench Prototype V1.0.
Please try the available functions and give comments and suggestions on the user interface.
At present the only applications on the workbench are the trial fieldbook wizard and trial Editor.
The Workbench opens with an assumed active breeding project (eg breeding drough tolerant rice for the Mekong region) and fieldbook applications require an active Study (unit or work within a project such as "2011 multi-site evaluation of promising lines") so the first thing to do is create a study. This will activate the Study Menu and you can select "Creat Trial" to start the trial fieldbook wizard.

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