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Application 2.2.3 Tool 5.3 IBFB Feedback Beta 4.2

Feedback from the IBFB Workshop at the IBP Annual Meeting, 2011

Briefly describe what in your judgement are the best features of this software, and why.

  • Nice handheld interface
  • Convenient trial specification and links to existing experimental programme
  • Integration of fieldbook with germplasm management
  • 1) Pedigree management. This part allows germplasm quick identificatin. It has
    lot of interfaces. 2) Fieldbook linked to analysis
  • 1) Creating trial field notebook 2) Importing and exporting data from handheld
  • 1) Very simply version 2) Useful becuase intuitive
  • It's still in early development, but very promising
  • It's the suitability in designing trials, ease of data management and analysis
  • 1) Managing germplasm list 2) Creating fieldbook with lable printing capability 3)
    Easy management of projects with various studies/experiments
  • 1) Experimental designs included 2) Bar codes includes in the software 3)
    Connectin with 'R'
  • 1) It connects the list of variable use in [words unclear] to the general germplasm
    list 2) It has field design model 3) It connects to R or shoudl do it to other
    software like SAS 4) It is reasonably friendly, but it needs more work to suit wider
    audience[words unclear]
  • Dropdown menues, easy to use, adaptable to different crops
  • Robustness
  • Provide many basic good features in fieldbook design
  • Speed is good
  • 1) The whole system push for very systematic pro...[word unclear] of experiment
    2) It is a nice tool for making profiles [unclear] discuss the pro [word unclear] of
    field experiment in a multi-partner context--the rice CI for instance
  • 1) Integratio with experimental design and germplasm list 2) [word unclear]
    ability to work seamlessly with field input device
  • Linkages with handheld device with barcoding will save tremendous time and

Briefly describe what in your judgement are the weaknesses of this software, and why.

  • Export/import to handheld still clunky
  • 1) Not yet integrated with other tools and needs upgarde in stats design and
    analysis 2) Should have an icon to export to the analysis toos, one to analyse via
    GenStat and the abilit to connect more sophisiticated design tools (Cycdesign) 3)
    Also needs double entry validation
  • 1) The IB Workbench interface is difficult to read and quite unpleasant. I suggest
    to remove the background picture and replace the text by actual icons (we don't
    know where to click otherwise). 2) The font and colours is difficult to read (think
    of colour-blind people!)
  • Lack of intuitive progress
  • 1) It should be possible to re-order the traits after selection 2) I could not delete a
    trait after selection while adding was possible
  • 1) Experimental layout engine 2) Not ready to migrate data from filed to ICIS
  • 1) Link between fieldbook and ICIS needs to be finalised 2) More flexibility for
    experimental design
  • 1) Sometimes it takes time to operates 2) It still needs to decrease the number of
    steps involved in file management 3) When a window is open can be able to
    write everything linked to it. There is no need to go back and come again?
  • Inability to directly modify input (type) into workbook template
  • 1) It hasn't been finished enough to have components flow together smoothly – I
    think the various steps could be a bit more automated and will likely be when
    complete 2) Having an optional 'bug' entry button would be useful
  • 1) Need for additional options for designs 2) Output files from R analysis in PDF
    may not allow for output editing especially the graphics
  • More field designs
  • Help in each stage or navigation window
  • 1) The beta version we evaluated is too raw – it jsut shows how powerful it can
    become 2) It should autmoatically take you to predefined[word unclear] folders
    for templates[word unclear] 3) The navigating window shoudl provide a help
    button to clarify common[word unclear] issues 4) Generally it has no help tool
  • 1) Dropdown menues cannot be changed 2) Dropdown menus not in
    alphabetical order 3) Can it be linked to other statistical software?
  • A little complex to use
  • 1) Need sufficient training for effective use 2) Flexibility in choice of experimental
    designs to extend beyond breeding trials, eg, agronomic trials that need more
    complex design
  • 1) It still needs work, but is heading in the right direction 2) Will need additional
    functionality like saving files to the phenotype DB, etc 3) Names in choices
    should also be reviewed and made as intuitive as possible – possible
    'autocompletion' approaches could help make standards, but still with flexible
    choices for different crops and users. 4) May be usef to consider automated
    input of phenotypes where possible (ie, barcoding ehight, etc
  • 1) Addition of error checking 2) Facilities when entering data in field a) check
    agains trait definition b) calculate basic stats to check data in field – max, min,
    std dev c) maybe plots – freq dist for categorical traits d) XY plots for continuous
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