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Application 2.2.6 Tool 8.7 Cross Predictor Tool

The Cross Predictor Tool (Functionality and linkages within the Integrated Breeding Workbench)

Figure 1: Workflow for the Cross Predictor Tool and its linkages to other Modules of the IB WorkBench

Functionality of the Cross Predictor Tool:

The functionality of the Cross Predictor software will be initially based on the earlier work by Dr. Howard Eagles and colleagues that looked at cross prediction for known genes affecting dough quality traits in wheat.
The main functionality of the tool will be to predict the homozygous genotypes and their frequencies generated from a cross (two-way or three-way) by using single seed decent or double haploid.
The input data required would comprise of:

  1. A comprehensive collection of genotypes - represent both the parental stocks available and the various allele combinations that may occur in individual genotypes
  2. Extensive phenotyping in the target environments
  3. Genotyping for the known genes
  4. Statistical analysis that takes into account genetic relationship between genotypes

An algorithm to calculate the expected multi-locus genotype frequencies in the RIL population will also be included as part of the functionality.
There would be a functionality to filter the results based on user provided selection criteria. The desirable genotypes are then identified by searching for a trait value within a range specified by the user.

Figure 2: Screenshot of the input window of the prototype developed by Dr. Howard Eagles et al.

This tool will be developed as a part of the SRA proposal submitted to ACIAR. Depending on the outcome of the proposal, we expect that the prototype for this tool will be available by the end of 2011.

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