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Brief Overview - IBP Components

Initiated in September 2009, the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) is conceived as a public web-based one-stop shop for information, analytical tools and related services to design and efficiently conduct molecular-assisted breeding experiments. The IBP comprises three components as follows:

Component 1: Molecular Breeding Portal and Helpdesk

This component is designed to provide access to all the tools and services of the Integrated Breeding Platform. It will have a web-based portal where users can select and download tools and instructions, as well as order materials and procure laboratory and other services. A helpdesk will facilitate use of the portal and updating of the interface. It will also provide access to the different elements of the platform via CD and other non-Internet media for users who cannot efficiently use the web-based interface. The Portal and Helpdesk will provide a focal point and collaboration environment for the development of breeding communities of practice.

Component 2: The Information System

This will be an open-source, public, modular crop information system which can be deployed individually or as a node on a network to support breeding projects and provide access to shared databases. This component will comprise of three modules: Logistics and Data Management for Molecular Breeding; Analysis and Decision Support Tools for Molecular Breeding; and an Information Network and Workflow System for Molecular Breeding. The latter will be a comprehensive and distributed crop information workbench to capture, store, analyse and disseminate molecular breeding information.

Component 3: Services

This component will build on molecular breeding products already being developed and deployed through ongoing GCP activities and other mechanisms. These products include services to conduct molecular breeding projects and training & capacity-building to provide support to and improve capacity of NARS breeders to deliver improved germplasm through marker approaches. The services include the Trait and Metabolite Service, Breeding Plan Development Service, Information Management Service, Data Curation Service, Design and Analysis, Phenotyping Support Service, Genotyping Support Service (GSS), Marker Services, and Intellectual Property and Policy Service.

For a detailed description of the Integrated Breeding Platform Components and additional information, download the proposal here: Integrated Breeding Platform Proposal

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