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Component 1 2003

Component 1 Integrated Breeding Portal and Helpdesk
Vision of Success: Within five years the Molecular Breeding Portal and Help Desk is the preferred source of information about, and access to technology, applications and services to support molecular breeding for food security and development
Project Objective 1.1: Establish and Manage the Integrated Breeding Platform
Activity 1.1.1 Establishment of the Molecular Breeding Platform

Sub-activities Targeted Outputs Baseline Progress
  1. Establish IBP Management Team and staff, with terms of reference (TOR) and job descriptions
  • Terms of reference and job descriptions for MBP management and staff
  • Platform manager and other staff recruited and started work
  • A Platform Manager, Diego Gonzales de Leon, has been recruited, started work in May 2010. Humberto Gomez has been undertaking the service manager tasks for the Marker Services and the Genotyping Support Service since the start of the project. An Informatics Coordinator, Arllet Portugal, has been recruited, started work in April 2010. A Breeding Services Manager and a Data/Training Specialist are under recruitment.
  • Project launch
  1. Establish Steering Committee terms of reference and activities
Steering committee established and guiding development and activities of the Molecular Breeding Platform 0
  • Five Core members were appointed by Dec 2009 and seven members have agreed to serve on the specialist group.
  • SiMAC attended the Project Launch Meeting, had an inaugural full meeting, and has had several specialist consultations. The first SiMAC report on the project was quite favourable, with valuable recommendations on the way forward.
  1. Link Use-case requirements to platform development through use-case representation on the steering committee
Use-case requirements explicitly linked to Platform development and activities 0
  • TORs for a User Committee have been developed and the committee has been established with representatives for each use case crop.
  1. Develop a platform business plan in collaboration with the steering committee
Platform business plan in place to guide costing and sustainability of platform services. 0 A draft business plan was developed by the GCP Product Delivery Leader and presented for review and commentary to participants attending the launch and to the GCP Executive Board March 15, 2010. A preliminary draft was also sent to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in February 2010.
  1. Develop and implement MBP communications strategy
Platform communication strategy in place to guide publication and impact of platform activities and services 0
  • A project web site and Wiki have been established to facilitate communication between all project collaborators and with the general public.

Activity 1.1.2 Develop and deploy the Molecular Breeding Platform

Sub-activities Targeted Outputs Baseline Progress
  1. Work with use-case representatives and portal developers to design develop and test Portal elements
Prototype user portal in place to provide access to Platform activities and services. 0 The Portal is at the advanced planning stage. Implementation was delayed by late recruitment of the Platform Manager and the need to plan the integration of several existing and new informatics components some of which have also been delayed.
  1. Liaise with developers and service providers to maintain the portal and ensure up-to-date information and access to applications and services
Portal provides to up-to-date access information, applications and services to support molecular breeding 0 Not yet started, scheduled for Project Year 2.

Activity 1.1.3 Establish the Molecular Breeding Platform helpdesk and co-ordinate training and communication activities

Sub-activities Targeted Outputs Baseline Progress
  1. Establish and implement helpdesk protocols and procedures with use case representatives and partners requiring guidance, training and assistance with applications and services.
Helpdesk established to work directly with users, providing access to Platform activities and services in cases where the portal is insufficient or inaccessible. 0
  • Helpdesk is functioning via email with the Platform Manager, Informatics Coordinator and PIs. It will be formalised and expanded as the user base increases.
  • Helpdesk protocols and procedures still under development because of slow start due to delayed recruitment of the platform manager.
  • Formal launch is scheduled for Month 18.
  1. Coordinate training for molecular breeding in collaboration with SP5 Leader
Human resource development for implementation of molecular breeding in development agriculture undertaken. 0
  • Four Data Management Workshops have been conducted covering seven of the 14 use cases specifically. Four more are planned over the next six months which will cover the remaining use cases.
  • A Data Analysis Workshop was held which demonstrated analytical techniques to representatives of most use cases.
  • Sessions explaining molecular breeding techniques were included in rice, sorghum, cassava, and wheat project meetings and will continue with legumes and wheat again over the next two months.
  1. Develop user community relations strategy and organise annual workshop between users, developers and suppliers
A rich user community intra-communication and interaction with developers and suppliers to ensure platform relevance 0
  • User Community Relations strategy is under development, delayed by the late recruitment of the Platform Manager.
  • Annual platform meeting bringing together users, service providers, and developers was held in Hyderabad, India, 17-20th February 2010, also serving as the project launch.

Activity 1.1.4 Establish and support crop molecular breeding Communities of Practice

Sub-activities Targeted Outputs Baseline Progress
  1. Establish networks for molecular breeding in regions requiring enhanced support and capacity
An African network for molecular breeding supported with basic infrastructure, technical backstopping and human resource development Existing Rice in Asia and Cassava in Africa CoPs
  • The cassava breeding CoP in its second year consolidated project goals and targets in field-based and marker-assisted breeding activities with NARs (Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda).
  • Emphasis has been primarily on strengthening capacity in these countries to improve breeding programs both from technical perspectives of crop improvement schemes and application of available marker tools in addressing challenges in cassava research.
  1. Establish the development of Communities of Practice for selected user cases
Communities of Practice for crop molecular breeding established in user case projects
  • Taking advantage of launch workshops conducted during Year One for several use cases (cassava in Africa, rice in Africa, sorghum in Africa and wheat in Asia) the establishment of CoPs for those crops/regions has been initiated
  • A CoP for data managers, grouping key players from most use cases, has been established and is already functioning.
  • The existing COPs in Rice biotechnology in South East Asia and in Cassava research in Africa have submitted their annual report following GCP requirements.

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