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IB Fieldbook Orientation for CIMMYT-Global Maize Program


The objectives of the data management workshop are:

  1. To give an overview of the Integrated Breeding Platform to the DTMA and WEMA breeders
  2. To introduce IB Fieldbook and to have hands-on session with the IB Fieldbook
  3. To give an overview of the IBP Statistical and breeding decision support tools
  4. To get feedback from the participants


  • Date: October 5, 2012
  • Venue: Kenya


  1. Overall overview of the IBP and of the IBP configurable workflow system
  2. IBP database management system
  3. Introduction to the IBFieldbook
  4. Hands-on practice with the IBFieldbook
  5. Overview of the IBP statistical and breeding decision tools
  6. Feedback from participants
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