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Objective 2.3 CWS Design

IB WorkBench Implementation Team

An IB WorkBench Implementation Team has been established to prioritise development tasks, link IBP researchers and developers with a core software engineering team, and provide oversight and guidance in the development process. The team comprises of:

  • G. McLaren (GCP) - Chair
  • S. Lowry (iPlant) - Co-Chair
  • M. Narro ( iPlant)
  • D. Fleury (GCP)
  • One representative from CIMMYT
  • One representative form ICRISAT
  • One representative from IRRI
  • 2 to 3 representatives from the research teams
  • Lead Software Engineer (GCP)

The Implementation Team will meet at least once a month, face to face or by teleconference.

Description and Manuals of Existing Applications

Existing Applications

CWS Module Specifications

Graphical representations of the CWS: overview, expanded view 1, expanded view 2

Breeding Logistics and Data Management

Analytical and Visualization Tools

  • [Phenotypic Data Quality Checker]
  • [COP Computation and Analysis Tool]
  • [Genotypic Data Quality Checker]
  • [Genotye Visualization Tool]
  • [Single Site Analysis Tool]
  • [Single Site QTL Detection Tool]
  • [Multi-site Analysis Tool]
  • [QTLxE Analysis Tool]

Decision Support Tools

Data Mining Tools

  • [Crop Finder Query Tool]
  • [Pedigree Tracing Tool]
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