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Objective 2.3 CWS List Management Module

CWS – Sample Tracking and Genealogy Management
Use Case: Track germplasm (seeds, clones, tubers etc.), tissue and DNA samples and genetic components such as constructs and transgenes through the breeding process, automatically updating pedigree, nomenclature and IP status.
Required subsystems: The Sample Tracking and genealogy management System must interact operationally with Inventory Management, Fieldbook systems and Analysis and Decision Support Tools.

  1. Unique identification of samples and germplasm
  2. Management of pedigrees as computable relationships annotated with genetic context (breeding methods and parameters).
  3. Updating and management of nomenclature including unique names, development designations, common names, testing numbers, release names and other codes.
  4. Annotation of sample status, ownership, and intellectual property rights.
  5. Tracking origin through collecting sites, seed sources, breeding projects and institutes
  6. Tracking chronology of germplasm management and development.


  1. Manage sets of germplasm and samples
  2. Search and select by names, attributes and inventory
  3. Visualize germplasm properties and characterization including pedigrees, names, genes and traits
  4. Facilitate capture/correction of historical pedigrees and germplasm characteristics
  5. Allow construction of germplasm entries based on crosses and other generative processes such as induced mutation and genetic engineering
  6. Allow construction of derivative germplasm sets such as advanced generations, recombinant inbreed lines and doubled haploid populations.
  7. Allow construction of sets of germplasm for management, testing or distribution.

Use cases:

  1. Lists for distribution or acquisition
  2. Planting lists for characterization, hybridization or evaluation
  3. Produce lists of crosses (F1)
  4. Pedigree nursery lists F2 … Fn
  5. Harvest lists.
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