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Workbench Change Log

This page contains a list of important changes done for each version of the Workbench application:

Version - current version

Changes from -

  • Database installers now write the Workflow System installation path into the file for Fieldbook/Nursery Manager.
  • Refactored the writing of the project.xml file for BV to correctly write the trial attribute of the Label tag (for Environment).
  • Fixed the errors about not finding crop databases for the installers.
  • Correctly handled the case where no middlename is provided for a workbench user account.
  • Relabeled from "IBP Workbench" to "IB Workbench".
  • Added complete uninstall feature for the installers.


Changes from -

  • Refactored the creation of IBDB and MySQL Users for workbench project members. The username for both are made to be the same, the last two digits of the timestamp was truncated to satify the 16 characters limit for MySQL user names.
  • Refactored the saving of local IBDB user records to set the installid to -1 and ustatus to 100.
  • Refactored the dialog box for specifying project.xml of Bredding View to make changes for specifying design type, environment, and genotypes.
  • Refactored the one crop database installer so that it will create a "light central db" containing only the trait information.
  • Refactored the register new account form to fix the bug encountered when clicking save and all the fields on the form are blank.
  • Refactored the Workbench so that when it creates the local database for a new project, it will run the gdms insert scripts for the crop on that local db.
  • Refactored the one crop database installer so that it will run the gdms insert scripts for the local database it creates.
  • Refactored the Workbench so that it will make the tools use the MySQL user account of the current workbench user for connecting to the databases.
  • Refactored the creation of a project to add the saving of MySQL users for each member of the project
  • Refactored the saving of local IBDB User records for members of a workbench project to append a timestamp at the end of the username.
  • Refactored the screen for creating workbench user accounts to remove the Position Title field and have the Middle name fields as non-mandatory.
  • Workbench able to launch Breeding View with a target dataset and project definition.
  • Added feature for retrieving lost passwords for workbench user accounts.
  • Created database installers which installs only one crop.


  • Removed saving of dummy workbench User record in the local IBDB instance of projects. This was previously used for logging into GDMS. Now the local IBDB User record of the current logged in workbench user is used for GDMS as it should be.
  • Removed the last two steps of the create new project wizard. The tabs for selecting locations and breeding methods for projects.
  • The members of the project by default will have the same workflows that the creator of the project has selected for himself/herself.
  • In the "Select Members" tab of the create new project wizard, the columns for the workflows have been rearranged to follow correct order.
  • Changed the area of the project details section of the Workbench dashboard to correct the labels for the different workflows.
  • Now saves an instln record for each project created. Record is stored in the local IBDB instance of each project.
  • Workbench installer now displays a message that it has detected where the central databases have been installed.
  • Workspace folders for new projects are created.

Version 1.1.2

  • Changed the default name of the installation root dir to "IBWorkflowSystem"
  • Implemented script for writing project.xml file for BV
  • Shows a message after successful creation of a workbench user account
  • Changed the MARS workflow diagram to follow the new look of the workflow
  • Made the change so that if there is only one crop available it will be the default in the create a new project wizard
  • Made sure that the correct local IBDB User records are saved for the members of a workbench project.
  • Made sure that the correct local IBDB User record for the creator of the project is saved.
  • Made the Workbench Launcher display messages of what it is doing during startup.
  • Added the Conventional Breeding Workflow and Conventional Breeder role
  • The Dashboard now shows clear indicators of which project is currently selected by the user.
  • Added a page which displays the versions of the tools integrated with the Workbench
  • Fixed the bug with the breadcrumb trail.
  • The selectable Locations for a project can now be filtered by country and/or location type
  • Refactored the filtering of breeding methods to always include those methods which belong to group "G" (all systems group)
  • The Dashboard will now show only those projects on which the current user is associated with.
  • Users which can be selected as members of a project are now displayed alphabetically.

Version 1.1.1

  • Implemented role management scheme where roles of project members define the workflows they can see
  • Added Manager, MAS, and MABC workflows
  • Refactored the Dashboard screen to provide easier access to projects and the workflows
  • Refactored the look and feel of the workflow diagrams
  • Implemented a wizard-style UI for creating new workbench projects
  • Added feature which allows use to filter the breeding methods they can select to associate with a new workbench project
  • Made the default progress indicator appear more prominently
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